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The Most Lopsided Games in College Football Playoff History

The College Football Playoff was meant to feature the nation's best schools. The results haven't always reflected that.

The College Football Playoff features the best teams in the country. However, results haven't always reflected that.

Since the 2014-15 season, the College Football Playoff has featured three games to determine a national champion. Four programs compete in semifinal matchups before the final two meet in the title game.

On Saturday, Clemson beat Notre Dame 30–3 in the Cotton Bowl, one of the national semifinals. But that result, as lopsided as it was, isn't the biggest blowout in College Football Playoff history. 

Below is a list of the most lopsided games since the Playoff was first introduced.

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1. 2015 Rose Bowl: No. 2 Oregon def. No. 3 Florida State, 59–20 (39 points)

2. 2015 Cotton Bowl: No. 2 Alabama def. No. 3 Michigan State, 38–0 (38 points)

3. 2016 Fiesta Bowl: No. 2 Clemson def. No. 3 Ohio State, 31–0 (31 points)

4. 2018 Cotton Bowl: No. 2 Clemson def. No. 3 Notre Dame, 30–3 (27 points)

5. 2015 National Championship: No. 4 Ohio State def. No. 2 Oregon, 42–20 (22 points)