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President Trump Claims Clemson Ate Over 1,000 Burgers at White House

That would be about 10 burgers per person.

The Clemson football team could also win a national championship in competitive eating, if President Donald Trump is to be believed. 

The Tigers visited the White House on Monday night and were treated to a spread of fine American cuisine from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Domino’s—served up on silver platters beneath gold candelabras.

The drive-thru menu was served because Trump’s government shutdown has limited staff at the White House. 

Trump proudly showed off the heaps of fast food before the players had a chance to dig in, boasting that he had ordered 300 burgers.

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By Tuesday morning, though, that number had more than tripled, with Trump claiming there were “over 1000 hamberders [sic] etc.” that were all devoured by the ravenous Tigers. 


(Trump later deleted the version of the tweet with the “hamberders” error and sent another tweet with the correct spelling, repeating the 1,000 burger claim.)

If everything really “was all gone,” that would mean that the players ate an average of 10 burgers each, plus pizza and fries. Even accounting for Clemson staffers and White House support staff helping themselves, you’re still talking about a truly grotesque amount of food being consumed per person. 

The only explanation is that “1000” was a typo, just like “hamberders.” Or he’s lying. Either way.