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Tired of Busted Brackets? Make Yours Unbustable With SI’s Realtime Bracket Challenge

SI's Realtime Bracket is now live—join us in our March Madness bracket challenge with a twist.

With less than a month until Selection Sunday, Sports Illustrated's March Madness bracket challenge is officially here. But this isn't your traditional bracket. This one is unbustable.

SI's challenge lets you make real-time picks as the madness progresses. Maybe you (like me) thought (or hoped) that Virginia would win it all last year–and then UMBC blew your bracket entirely too early. Your bracket was in disrepair. No matter how many correct predictions you made moving forward, the reality was that you didn't even have a chance after that historic upset.

Good news for you: Gone are the days of those busted brackets and March Madness heartbreaks–SI's Realtime Brackets let you switch your pick during live tournament games if your original pick is losing. Sign up today by clicking here.

The sooner you switch to the winning call, the more pool points you earn. So even in the face of an upset or two (or ten) you've still got a shot at winning it all.

Traditional and realtime picks will be both tracked so you can see two leaderboards. Winning picks made before tournament start time will be rewarded with more points, which means that while smart picks at the start are the way to go, participants can still recoup some points from a potential loss with a switched pick.

SI's Realtime Bracket will also give you real-time score alerts so you know when a pick is in danger of losing. This way, everyone can stay competitively in the challenge for longer than a traditional bracket might allow.


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The first round of the NCAA tournament starts on March 21st but brackets will be available beginning on March 17th after Selection Sunday.

Fill out your Sports Illustrated bracket by the time the first games begin to join us in this year's madness.