Akron's 'turnover pencil' is an absolutely elite celebration prop - Sports Illustrated

Akron's 'Turnover Pencil' is the Best Celebration Prop You'll See This Season

Move over, turnover chain. 
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We've seen plenty of celebration props in college football over the past few years, from Miami's turnover chain to Morehead State's turnover cane. But Akron may now have the crown for best celebration prop with its new celebration on Saturday: the turnover pencil. 

That's right, folks. A turnover pencil. Far less flashy than previous props, but perhaps ultimately more useful. Maybe the turnover pencil has some symbolic value? Could Akron be trying to erase the opponent's offense? Write its name into the college football bowl projections? Whatever the reasoning, count me in on the turnover pencil.

Perhaps the turnover pencil can turn Akron's luck around in the first year with head coach Tom Arth. The Zips have posted just one winning season since 2006.