Morehead State is upping the ante.

By Jenna West
August 30, 2019

The 2019 college football season is barely underway, but we've already been treated to the best celebration prop we'll see all year.

Morehead State unveiled its "Turnover Cane" on Thursday night during its season opener against Union. Video of the cane went viral after Isaiah Tigler grabbed the Eagles' third interception of the night during the fourth quarter. After Tigler was given the prop, he strutted his stuff on the sidelines as his teammates watched and danced with him. Morehead State went on to beat Union 44–7.

Miami previously won the celebration game with it's flashy "Turnover Chain," which prompted plenty of schools to follow suit. Teams got creative and delivered with things like Arizona State's "Turnover Curls," Oregon State's "Turnover Chainsaw" and Boise State's "Turnover Throne" last season. While Miami is still proudly sporting its "Turnover Chain" this year, it can't top Morehead State's cane.

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