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Clemson athletics announced Friday that thus far in the month of June, 28 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 out of 315 completed tests. According to The Athletic's Grace Raynor, 23 of those positive tests stem from football players.

The university said in a statement that it has notified and isolated each of the individuals who have tested positive for at least 10 days. 

Those known to have close contact with them have also been asked to quarantine for at least 14 days. The athletic department said most of the total cases have been asymptomatic. 

Clemson is far from alone in seeing positive test results from athletes returning to school. A number of programs, including the University of TexasUniversity of Houston and SMU, have had college football players test positive for COVID-19 since voluntary workouts resumed. There also have been reports of positive tests at Kansas State, Alabama and Michigan. 

The Los Angeles Times also reported Friday that 30 football players from UCLA are demanding that a "third-party health official" be present at all football activities to ensure COVID-19 prevention protocols are being followed, among other demands. 

Members of Clemson's football, men's basketball and women's basketball teams returned to campus June 1 and began voluntary workouts on June 8.