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Top decision-makers in the SEC have scheduled an impromptu meeting Monday.

SEC presidents and chancellors will hold a virtual call that was not previously scheduled, sources tell Sports Illustrated, the latest revelation amid sweeping reports that college football is heading toward a 2020 shutdown. Over the weekend, the Big Ten moved closer to canceling its season and engaged with other Power 5 conferences to reach a universal decision, SI reported Sunday. According to multiple reports, the Big Ten will announce a cancellation Tuesday.

SEC athletic directors met earlier Monday in a regularly scheduled call. Their presidents were expected to follow with an impromptu call of their own. A vote on a 2020 season isn't necessarily expected. A reason for the presidents’ call is unclear, but it comes as several college football conferences are on the brink of canceling a fall 2020 sports season. In fact, as early as Tuesday, the Pac-12 could join the Big Ten in shutting down its 2020 season. The Pac-12 is on a similar path, industry sources tell SI. Pac-12 presidents are scheduled to meet Tuesday.

A domino effect is expected to unfold over the next few days, as SI reported Sunday, with all of college football coming to a halt. During an interview on ESPN Radio on Saturday, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was asked about a potential domino effect among the FBS conferences. He referred to the basketball tournament shutdowns in March, when all leagues made independent decisions but reached the same conclusion. "We want to be connected, but the best example is back in March… Different conferences made independent decisions but all arrived at the same destination."

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