Tom Izzo Gets Into Heated Argument With Gabe Brown Before Halftime in Loss to UCLA


Even with his team leading UCLA 44–33 at halftime Thursday, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo was fuming as the Spartans walked to the locker room.

Izzo and forward Gabe Brown got into a heated argument after Brown missed his rotation on defense in the final seconds of the first half.

It is not uncommon for this to happen with Izzo and his players. A couple of years ago, Izzo had a similar confrontation with then-junior guard Aaron Henry.

Golden State Warriors' star Draymond Green, who played for Izzo at Michigan State, reacted to the altercation.

"Typical Michigan State exchange, move on relax," Green said.

Brandon Wood, another former Spartans' player, also defended Izzo.

"That was one of the parts Izzo's coaching style I respected the most," Wood said. "The situation going into the tunnel was nothing! He allows his players to challenge him and he's coming right back at you! I bet he was hype after all that."

Izzo and Brown were able to resolve the situation, according to the TBS broadcast. 

Michigan State ended up losing in overtime to the Bruins, 86-80, after UCLA staged a late comeback and outscored their opponents 9-3 in overtime. At least the Spartans didn't publicly argue as their lead crumbled and they completed Izzo's worst season in some time.