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Mike Leach Hates Candy Corn, Has Lots of Thoughts on Halloween Candy

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach is one of the true enigmas of college football. And sure enough, he gave a very on-brand answer when asked about Halloween candy just eight days away from the big day. 

After Mississippi State routed Vanderbilt 45–6, Leach didn't hesitate to weigh in on an age-old debate regarding the most polarizing treat of the season. 

"I mean, I completely hate Candy Corn," Leach said.

Leach then shared he has an affinity for gummy bears, but said it's got to be the "Haribo ones." 

"The other thing I like is when they used to have the Sprees in a box," he continued. "Outstanding. You've got to go to the dollar store to find it, but I do."

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But Leach didn't stop there. Not only was he a fan of the classics, but he shared his admiration for foreign candy and more recent sweets as well.

"There's still candy innovation, although a while back I found that Europe had better candy than we do overall because they have gummy everything," he said. "They have those nerds clusters, which is new, which is good."

Finally, the candy connoisseur said his top chocolate candy is Almond Joy. The Bulldogs will host No. 15 Wildcats next Saturday the day before Halloween and with any luck, Leach will get an upset win before rewarding himself with gummy bears.

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