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Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher Rants About NIL Rumors: ‘It's Insulting’

Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher made waves on college football's National Signing Day Wednesday, when he responded to rumors that the Aggies' top-rated 2022 recruiting class was due to sponsorship money associated with Name, Image, and Likeness rules.

Fisher didn't hold back when discussing with Josh Pate of 247Sports.

“Players and your team, they do get those things.. We were one of the lower ones. I mean if I remember right it was Nick [Saban] who brought it up that his quarterback got a million-dollar deal. And that was great. Ohio State put out an article that they have the highest NIL deals of anybody in the country, which is legal, it's all legal, it's fine!” Fisher said.

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“But that had nothing to do with this class or anything else... this was hard work by our staff. It's insulting to the kids who come here, that you insinuate that. And that people insinuate that, off of things taken off a message board, Bro Bible, by a guy named ‘Sliced Bread‘ whoever the heck that is, who has no clue about what goes on. But NIL is here to stay in college football, it's going to be a factor in college football, there is no doubt. ... But those reports and the things that people say are very irresponsible...and people need to figure out the truth before they do it.”

Fisher's Aggies are coming off an 8–4 record in 2021, but with the nation's top recruiting class in tow, expectations for the program will be much higher next season and in the years that follow.

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