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Elite 11 Finals: Composite Ranking of the 20 QBs

Here are the finalized rankings based on Elite 11 prospect performances this week in Los Angeles.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif.— Dante Moore was named Sports Illustrated's Elite 11 MVP Thursday. 

The Detroit (Mich.) King star quarterback held off the week's surprise in Iowa State commitment JJ Kohl, who each tied for the No. 1 performer during Wednesday's workout, for the top spot after three days of competition based solely on performance at the event. 

SI’s Elite 11 Finals rankings were developed by averaging out our grades for every passer from each daily workout — the stationary camp, the pro day and the accuracy gauntlet — creating a composite score. Ties were broken by the highest individual daily ranking among quarterbacks with the same score, and those instances are marked with an asterisk by the winning passer’s composite score.

Elite 11 Composite Rankings

1. Dante Moore (uncommitted) 

Composite: 4.3

Day 1 ranking - 1; Day 2 ranking - 1; Day 3 ranking - 11

Moore’s uncanny accuracy is the best we saw this week. He attacks the middle of the field better than the majority of Elite 11 participants as well. Moore shined as well, by way of consistently looking off defenders and using consistent footwork to complete passes time and time again.

2. JJ Kohl (Iowa State)

Composite: 4.7

Day 1 - 4; Day 2 - 1; Day 3 - 9

The biggest competitor in the field, listed at 6-foot-6, was the surprise of the event based on where the industry views him and his actual three-day performance. Tying for first in the pro day script setting with SI MVP Dante Moore was the best night for Kohl, who also put together one of the best individual throws on the run onlookers saw all week long.

3. Emory Williams (Miami)

Composite: 5.7

Day 1 - 13; Day 2 - 3; Day 3 - 1

Another surprise in our top 10 who recently emerged on the recruiting landscape by committing to Miami, Williams made all of the throws he needed to—as well as the occasional difficult toss—in the pro day and accuracy gauntlet settings to skyrocket into the top three by the end of Day 3. As he became more comfortable around more established arms, Williams’s mechanics improved drastically, allowing him to go on several ball-placement hot streaks across Days 2 and 3, including finishing above his 19 peers Thursday.

4. Malachi Nelson (USC)

Composite: 7*

Day 1 - 2; Day 2 - 7; Day 3 - 12

For the bulk of the event, Nelson looked like a candidate to take the overall crown in his native Los Angeles. He pushed for the top spot during the opening workout with a smooth stroke and easy velocity while stationary or on the move. The ball placement and third-level velocity stand out with the future USC Trojan, who works efficiently and makes high-level passes look routine.

5. Kenny Minchey (Pitt)

Composite: 7

Day 1 - 9; Day 2 - 7; Day 3 - 5

Mr. Dependable. Minchey’s consistent accuracy—for all three days of Elite 11—earned him respect for not only his technique but also his smarts. He knows when it’s time to dump it off or to fire away into a tight window. Of all the competitors competing at this year’s Elite 11, Minchey was arguably the most unflappable from one play to the next, evidenced by improving on his ranking each day.

6. Malachi Singleton (Arkansas)

Composite: 7.7

Day 1 - 15; Day 2 - 6; Day 3 - 2

Singleton brought a composed swagger into the event and ultimately climbed the rankings each day. Eyes began to notice the stocky future Razorback when he made seven consecutive money throws and a catchable end zone slant to conclude his pro day circuit, only for Singleton to pace the gauntlet with three money throws in a row right out of the gate. When the gauntlet multipliers were in effect, Singleton capitalized with six catchable or better passes out of seven attempts—he was streaky when it mattered most.

7. Jackson Arnold (Oklahoma)

Composite: 8*

Day 1- 3; Day 2 - 13; Day 3 - 8

The future Sooner's arm strength is undeniable. Arnold’s movement skills inside the pocket, to help avoid the rush prior to making a throw, might be just as valuable. Jackson took the Elite 11 coaching well, making adjustments when needed and continuing to fire passes for completions. The coaching staff on hand, weighing the performance along with video from the prospects' 2021 seasons, named Arnold their MVP.

8. Jaxon Smolik (Tulane)

Composite: 8

Day 1 - 12; Day 2 - 5; Day 3 - 7

A virtual unknown entering the camp who only made his way to Los Angeles due to a finalist dropping out, Smolik immediately earned recognition for his fight in the first day's rail shot competition. He followed that showing with an outstanding seven money throws to open up his pro day session, while his four money passes in the gauntlet were tied for highest in the workout with five other quarterbacks. It’s safe to say Smolik isn’t an unknown any longer.

9. Brock Glenn (uncommitted)

Composite: 8.3

Day 1 - 8; Day 2 - 15; Day 3 - 2

Saving his best for last, Glenn worked incredibly well on the run over the last two days of the event. The first time he separated himself from others was on a roll to his left with a sideline pass during the pro day workout, a completion he hit that most QBs missed by wide margins. Glenn was among the most comfortable on the move with the stationary targets, too, and was singled out by the Elite 11 staff for working the movement boldly during third-level attempts Thursday.

10. Austin Novosad (Baylor) 

Composite: 9

Day 1 - 5; Day 2 - 4; Day 3 - 18

Baylor commit Austin Novosad shined bright early on at the Elite 11 Finals, finishing in the top five on each of the first two days of competition. He was particularly impressive in the pro day setting, throwing with accuracy and zip, despite the exhausting regiment. More importantly, at least throughout the first two days, was the level of consistency he displayed in every level of the passing game. He was arguably the top passer in short to intermediate throws throughout the week and showed a surprising knack for both deep touch and arm strength.

11. Jaden Rashada (Miami)

Composite: 9.7

Day 1 - 16; Day 2 - 7; Day 3 - 6

Rashada’s natural arm strength shines on the run, throwing against his body, and even moving away from his target. Some of the best throws from the entire group of Elite 11 finalists were made by Rashada during the week. To that point, he upped his performance on Day 2 and Day 3, making difficult down-the-field throws look easy. Elite 11 shows why numerous colleges wanted the now Miami commitment to be a part of their respective programs.

12. Eli Holstein (Alabama)

Composite: 10.7

Day 1 - 6; Day 2 - 12; Day 3 - 14

13. Rickie Collins (Purdue)

Composite: 11

Day 1 - 18; Day 2 - 11; Day 3 - 4

14. Christopher Vizzina (Clemson)

Composite: 13

Day 1 - 11; Day 2 - 13; Day 3 - 15

15. Zane Flores (Oklahoma State)

Composite: 13.7

Day 1 - 14; Day 2 - 17; Day 3 - 10

16. Chris Parson (Florida State)

Composite: 14.3

Day 1 - 10; Day 2 - 16; Day 3 - 17

17. Avery Johnson (uncommitted)

Composite: 14.7

Day 1 - 19; Day 2 - 10; Day 3 - 15

18. Marcus Stokes (Penn State)

Composite: 15

Day 1 - 7; Day 2 - 19; Day 3 - 19

19. Pierce Clarkson (Louisville)

Composite: 16.7

Day 1 - 17; Day 2- 20; Day - 13

20. Brady Drogosh (Cincinnati)

Composite: 19.3

Day 1 - 20; Day 2 - 18; Day 3 - 20

FanNation's Zach Goodall, Matt Galatzan and Brian Smith contributed to this report.

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