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Nick Saban Shares Why He Seems More Calm on Sideline This Season

As Nick Saban has gotten older, he has appeared to keep his composure more often instead of getting heated at his teams on the sidelines. That doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

The Alabama head coach explained that he as been trying to keep calm for years, but it usually depends on how his team would respond.

“This has been a lifelong sort of goal to not get too emotional, not get too upset. I think that sometimes it’s the kind of team you have,” he said, via Saturday Down South. “Some guys really need you to get on them. Some guys get… a little upset, maybe, and don’t respond when you get on them. It bothers them a lot.”

That being said, Saban still maintains he’ll do anything to win, which includes losing his mind on the sidelines if the game necessitates it.

“If you think me acting up on the sidelines and breaking headsets is gonna help us play better, I’ll sure as hell do it,” he added.

No matter what Saban does on the sidelines, it doesn’t change the fact that Alabama has two losses and is most likely out of the running for a College Football Playoff spot. This would only be the second time since 2015 that the Crimson Tide aren’t one of the final four teams remaining.

The Crimson Tide travel to No. 11 Ole Miss this week to try and avoid a losing streak.

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