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Texas Savagely Trolled Brett Yormark While Clinching Big 12 Championship Game Berth

The Texas Longhorns couldn’t resist being petty. 

With the seconds ticking down on their 57–7 pasting of Texas Tech on Friday, the Longhorns creatively trolled Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark, who had made it clear he would be rooting for the Red Raiders in this contest back at the conference’s media days in July. Texas rubbed those comments right back in Yormark’s face Friday night, replaying a video of the commissioner’s remarks on the scoreboard at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium right as they officially clinched a berth in the Big 12 championship game. 

So cold. The Longhorns are slated to leave the Big 12 for the SEC in 2024. Yormark, who, understandably, has made it known he’s not pleased with Texas’s departure, implored Texas Tech head coach Joey McGuire to “take care of business” against the Longhorns in this game, which was Texas’s final regular-season game in the conference. 

In the petty back-and-forth between the two sides, Texas got the last laugh. It had to feel good for the Longhorns, because it’s not the first time that Yormark has taken a shot at them. A reporter at media days asked Yormark about Texas and Oklahoma, which is also leaving the Big 12 for the SEC next year, carrying the Big 12 in recruiting. He responded by saying neither school has played in the conference’s championship game the past few years. 

Texas fans will get a good laugh at Yormark’s comments now as they walk away from the Big 12 and toward a future in the SEC.