Charles Barkley Disses ‘Losers’ Who Watched Solar Eclipse

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While thousands of people traveled to see a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse in many parts of the United States on Monday, Charles Barkley was only interested in seeing a different rare convergence of two enormous objects: the battle between Purdue’s 7'4" star Zach Edey and UConn’s 7'2" Donovan Clingan.

During halftime of Monday’s national championship game between the Boilermakers and Huskies, the conversation turned briefly to the eclipse that occurred over much of the country earlier in the day. Barkley immediately dismissed the phenomenon as being for “losers.”

“Were y’all some of the losers standing outside watching that today?” Barkley said.

Ernie Johnson was quick to push back, though.

“They'r not losers,” Johnson said incredulously.

“Yes they are,” Barkley shot back. “Hey, we’ve all seen darkness before. Stop it.”

“Come on, Chuckster, don’t hate on the eclipse,” Johnson replied.

The eclipse might not have been as dramatic in Phoenix, where the game was being played, as it was in other parts of the country, but Barkley still missed out on something pretty spectacular. While cities like Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo were briefly plunged into darkness in the middle of the afternoon as the moon completely obscured the sun, in Phoenix, the eclipse peaked with 70% of the sun being covered. Even still, seeing the sun reduced to a crescent shape is a memorable experience, and Barkley really missed out.

Dan Gartland


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