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Stellar, Standard & Subpar 2021: Daelen Menard

A look at a quarterback that may be looking to push his stock up with the Eagles.

The summer is knocking on the door and college football is right around the corner. As we get closer to the season, BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out three different options that could happen in the 2021 season. We are going in numerical order, and have already completed a handful of player (the list is at the bottom of the post). Today we look at quarterback Daelen Menard, who is looking to find his way up the two deep in 2022.

Menard, a quarterback from Florida who threw for 5500 yards and 56 touchdowns at Chaminade-Madonna High School. He was under recruited due to an injury his senior year, and ended up with Steve Addazio and the Eagles. He hasn't played yet during his time at Boston College, but with the possibility of Phil Jurkovec and Dennis Grosel not being with the team in 2022, he is shooting to move up the depth chart. 


With Jurkovec and Grosel holding down the top two spots, Menard plays well during practices and the scout teams and moves into slot #3, ready to battle to be a starter or the backup in 2022. Possibly with an injury during 2021, he gets a chance to jump on to the two deep this year. 



Not is heard about Menard, but gets the attention of the coaches, and will be set to battle for a bigger role in 2022.


During practice Emmett Morehead and Matthew Rueve progress more and Menard is pushed further down the line. It becomes clear that the other two have a better chance to play, and Menard's role stays small.

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