The Jaden Bradley Blog: Kentucky Offer, Getting Hacked, French Class and More

Jaden Bradley

Jaden Bradley is a five-star point guard and consensus top 10 prospect in the 2022 class, who combines a high basketball IQ with elite scoring and playmaking ability. Last season, Bradley led Cannon School to a state title and won N.C. Player of the Year, averaging 23 points, eight assists and eight rebounds a game, now he’s headed to IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) with everyone from North Carolina to Kentucky to Auburn to Michigan, among many others, all giving chase. Now, Bradley has agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his road back to recovery to intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s going on everybody, I’m back again to give you an update on everything that’s going on with me.

Biggest thing I’m focused on right now is my season.

We’re playing really well right now, but I feel like we have a lot of room to grow even more.

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We had a good win on Saturday, and we play again on Tuesday before we head off to the NIBC tournament in Virginia.

We’ve got a lot of good competition coming up and we’re all excited to get there and play!

My recruitment has been steady.

I picked up the offer from Kentucky last week, so that was cool. We were on a Zoom call and Coach Calipari was talking to me about how their season was going and things like that and then he offered me.

I’m always honored to get offers from colleges and they’re a staff that I have a good relationship with. Skyy Clark hit me on Instagram when I announced the offer. We know each other pretty well, just playing together in middle school camps and things like that.

He’s another strong guard, and I know we could play together.

I would have to say the schools that keep in touch with me regularly are UNC, Michigan, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Kansas and a few others.

I don’t really have a plan to cut anything down right now. That’s something that I have to talk over with my family when I get time. What I can say is that I’m really open to all of these schools. Whether people believe that or not it’s true.

It was kinda funny when someone hacked me last week and said I was about to commit. Just goes to show you how crazy the recruitment process is! Haha!

I got a message from Instagram saying my account was hacked and I had to take a few steps to get that fixed.

I did have a couple of the coaches hit me up about it, but it wasn’t anything too big.

Crazy stuff.

Right now, I’m just having regular conversations with all of the coaches. They’re in their own seasons right now so we just catch up on everyday things and talking about how they’re playing.

School in COVID has been interesting.

We’re doing online classes right now; it’s called a safe start with the students coming back off break.

We can’t be in other people’s rooms; we have to be inside around 7:30 p.m. and if you’re going outside you have to be going to practice or the cafeteria. We do temperature checks all the time and, of course, when you leave the room you have to mask up!

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I’ve gotten used to being locked down, but at first it was tough.

My grades are pretty good! French II is definitely my toughest class, but I’m handling it well.

OK, so on the music side, Lil Durk is in heavy rotation right now.

Oh, and I started watching “Criminal Minds,” that’s one I would recommend if you haven’t seen it.

OK, guys I have to get some work in, but I appreciate you reading; check back soon for another update and be safe!

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