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Elite Wing Jordan Nesbitt Set to Announce

Nesbitt will decide between Saint Louis, Memphis and Illinois.

Thursday can’t come soon enough for St. Louis (Mo.) Christian Academy wing Jordan Nesbitt; not just because it will be his 19th birthday, it’s more about the gift this particular birthday will bring.

“I’ll have peace of mind,” Nesbitt said. “I’m ready to get to that. This is gonna special for me.”

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Nesbitt’s tranquility is tied to his 2 p.m. ET announcement when he’ll break down his decision exclusively with SI All-American. Nesbitt will decide between Saint Louis, Memphis and Illinois.

“It’s tough when you have three options that are strong,” Nesbitt said. “I really could see myself being successful at all three.”

Of the three, Memphis was the last to the party in terms of offering. The Tigers extended Nesbitt an offer on August 3.

Still, the Tigers have made up significant ground in the short time, making them a formidable contender to land the 6-foot-6 athlete.

Nesbitt broke down what he likes about each of his three options for Sports Illustrated.

Saint Louis: “It’s home and I would love to put on for the city and that’s really big for me. I definitely feel the pull from people here local to stay home. They tell me all the time. Everywhere I go people say stay home. It’s crazy.”

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Memphis: “A lot of people don’t know that two years ago Coach Penny (Hardaway) came to a game to watch James Wiseman and he watched me too. Toward the end of this season he came back around and started talking to me again and then he offered me. I love how he told me he’d use me in his system. He wants me to be a one and a two, other schools want me to play the wing. That really appealed to me.”

Illinois: “It’s the culture they’re building and the system they’ve got. I’m similar to Ayo (Dosunmu) and they’re selling me on the fact that they would use me like they used him. That’s definitely something that’s appealing to me.”