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2022 SG Justin Taylor’s Stock on the Rise

Taylor has a productive summer which earned him the offers and interest from high majors.

St. Anne’s Belfield (Charlottesville, Va.) shooting guard Justin Taylor wouldn’t go as far as to call it an issue, just a consistent question he has to address whenever a new school inquires about recruiting him.

“They all want to know if I’m just waiting on the Virginia offer,” Taylor said. “They want to know if that’s a done deal.”

The gift and the curse of living in a college town.

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“Being here in Charlottesville you get a lot of people wanting you to stay here,” Taylor said. “But my options are completely open. I always reassure the coaches about that. I’m not waiting for any offers; I’m just hearing everyone out and giving everyone a fair shot.”

Makes sense for a player being “prioritized” by schools like Indiana, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State and Syracuse; he’s also been in constant contact with North Carolina, Michigan and Virginia, though they have yet to extend offers yet.

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“I’m taking my time with everything,” Taylor said. “I want to enjoy it. I have a full summer next year to develop and get to know schools. I would probably have a decision before my senior season starts up. It’s just cool to be in this position.”

What a difference a summer makes.

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Four months ago, Taylor had four offers: Old Dominion, George Washington, James Madison and Liberty, but after a strong summer averaging 16 points a game for Team Takeover (Washington, D.C.), Taylor’s stock soared.

Now, he’s preparing for what comes with the proverbial bull’s-eye.

“I had a lot of attention last year with face-guarding and things like that,” Taylor said. “It got me used to it, but after this summer my confidence is so much higher. I learned to let the game come to me, but also play my game. I feel like I’m more prepared this season.”