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Overseas, G-League Among Options in SI All-American Forward Michael Foster’s Top Eight

Foster's college options are Georgia, Florida State, Western Illinois and Grambling State.

On Monday, Hillcrest Prep (Phoenix) forward Michael Foster took a big step toward deciding on his post-high school destination, trimming his massive list of potential colleges to just four.

Foster told Sports Illustrated that he’s now down to Georgia, Florida State, Western Illinois and Grambling State. In addition to the college options, Foster is also strongly considering pro options in China, Germany, Australia and the G League.

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“The reason I picked the colleges that I picked is because of their ability to develop NBA guys, and I feel like they’re the best situations for me,” Foster said. “Florida State has two guys that will go high in the draft this year, Georgia is the same, Western Illinois gives me the chance to play back home and at Grambling the coaching staff is from Milwaukee; all of them would be strong fits for me.”

Back in May, Foster told Sports Illustrated that he planned to stay put in the 2021 class mostly due to his age. Foster won’t turn 18 until February of 2021, which, per the National Basketball Players Association’s current collective bargaining agreement wouldn’t make him NBA draft eligible until 2022, since players must be 19 during the calendar year of the draft.

Foster starts his senior season on September 8.

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“Right now, I’m 50-50 on going college or going pro,” Foster said. “With the pro option it’s not the money, it’s more about the opportunity. Even right now, I don’t get a lot of one-on-one situations and I get fouled a lot because I’m bigger and stronger than most guys. I feel like in the pros you’d get more development; in college I get the chance to win a national title and that’s very intriguing too.”

This past season, Foster was named to the inaugural SI All-American team, averaging 26 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks a game despite playing alongside multiple elite players. Foster’s production was even more impressive considering Hillcrest’s rigorous schedule against elite teams and players. Foster was, arguably, the most dominant big in the country playing a national schedule.

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His versatility and his size are his greatest assets; at 6-foot-9, 220 pounds, Foster has the ability to score on all three levels and dominate in both the paint on from the perimeter.

“It’s a tough decision for sure with all of my options,” Foster said. “Once I get settled into school and know what my schedule will be, I’ll make a decision.”