Busy June Underway for Coveted Offensive Line Recruit Ramsey

Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Cal, West Virginia among the programs expected to host one of nation's best this month
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More than a dozen college football programs are pushing to get Trent Ramsey on campus this month, and about half appear to be in position to do so. 

One of the few in communication with the standout yet to offer, Florida, did so right out of the gate on June 1. With the NCAA Dead Period in the rear view mirror, it won't be a slow month for top talents like the rising-senior. 

Before the busy month of trips and planned visits, the 6'5", 280-pound prospect out of Tarpon Springs (Fla.) East Lake wrapped up his spring football slate with the Eagles.

"Loved to get the pads back on, banging with the dudes on the field," he told SI All-American. "It was great to see where I've grown since last season and what I need to improve on. 

"My punch, my point of attack is probably my biggest improvement from last season. Something I need to improve on is probably getting to the second level and firing off the ball with quicker feet."

Five programs are in line to push an in-person recruiting pitch Ramsey's way. 

One of the few in communication with the standout yet to offer, Florida, already did so on Tuesday. With the NCAA Dead Period in the rear view mirror, it won't be a slow month for top talents like the rising-senior.

"My calendar is packed full," he said. "I'm doing the Florida State mega camp, then the Georgia Tech camp, a Tennessee camp later on. Then two officials this month, Cal-Berkeley and West Virginia. 

The Mountaineers will get the first official visit, the weekend of June 11. 

"I'm a huge, huge outdoor person, so going out there, in the woods and mountains -- that's what speaks to me," Ramsey said. "Coach Matt Moore, all of them up there at West Virginia, they all talk to me on the regular, once or twice a week. They seem to know what they're doing, building the program up to a high standard."

Cal will close out the month with the west coast native on campus in either mid June or when the open period wraps up just before the calendar flips to July. 

Ramsey moved from Arizona to Florida prior to the 2020 football season. 

"I have a couple connections with the school, actually, both of my prior quarterbacks from Arizona went there," he said. "Coach Angus (McClure), me and him have a great connection. I've had the chance to visit before, and I like the Cali area a lot. It will be nice to go down there and check it out again. 

"I've lived all over, but it's a little nostalgic going back there. It should be cool." 

Ramsey won't cram all of the official visits into one time of year like fellow coveted lineman Tyler Booker is, leaving time for further evaluation as well as the chance to line up trips with big college football games. 

The most recent offering program, Penn State, could see him on campus sooner or later.

"One school that I'm thinking about making it to in June or the last week of July, which is open, is Penn State," he said. "Me and the coaches there have talked a couple of times now and I think I have some interest in that school. 

"Coach (Phil) Trautwein seems like a great guy, super knowledgeable from what he was telling me. He's sending dudes to the NFL, which is what all of us aspire to. The school has such a history of being a good program with a good education, a lot of the boxes I'm looking at." 

Ramsey plans on utilizing the visits to begin to shape a list of favorites. He doesn't anticipating making a college commitment until later in the year. 

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