Garrett Nussmeier Blog: LSU Commitment Group Chat, Recruiting Others and More

LSU QB commitment Garrett Nussmeier is back with another blog on SI All-American. Today he digs into the communication with fellow Tiger commitments, recruiting others and his coaching aspirations.
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Garrett Nussmeier is one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2021 class, verbally committing to LSU in May. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experiences through a college commitment to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

What's going on guys?

I'm back here, I believe four weeks post commitment. Life has kind of resumed to something I'm not really used to. Coaches not hitting me up besides the LSU coaches, which is a daily talk. It's a lot different than having 20 different text threads a day. 

As far as how I've been feeling about my commitment, obviously I'm still 110% committed. I'm not the kid that's gonna decommit and take others visits and stuff like that. I'm all in with this class. Today I came to you guys to talk about what are class looks like and what it's shaping up to be. 

I think this class is filled with a lot of really good athletes. We're doing really good in recruiting right now. I think LSU fans should know we're becoming a national powerhouse in recruiting. Things are starting to change. I think in the next couple of years we're gonna start seeing ourselves compete with Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State every single year in recruiting. Not only can we get the top kids in the state right now, I believe we can get the top kids nationally. 

I also think we have a good core of kids committed right now. The guys we have, we're really tight. We're starting to build a relationship already and are still a year away from even stepping on campus. Just the fact that we're all in a group message and are playing PlayStation together proves that this class has the chance to be really special on the field. As most people know, when you're close in the locker room it translates to the field 110%.

A lot of guys are kinda chillin' right now because of corona, which I think threw a lot of people's timelines off. I believe it's going to be a harder approach and things are going to happen back-to-back-to-back later on in the process. Just be patient with us. The coaching staff works so hard and they're doing a great job in recruiting and I think they will continue to. 

You have, in my opinion, the best head coach recruiter in the country in Coach O (Ed Orgeron). He's gonna do a great job and we're going to have a top five class every year. 

Another thing I wanted to touch on is for the people who don't know what recruiting is like. Once you're committed and reaching out for a guy like me, the quarterback. For instance, we have the group chat between us LSU commits and we talk a lot. We talk about guys we're trying to get. The coaching staff obviously knows who they want and we kinda push together to try to reach out to those guys and make them feel wanted. 

Whether they are committed or not committed, we talk all the time. It's daily. We play PlayStation together and we're constantly talking about different things we can do, our hopes and our dreams in Tiger Stadium, Death Valley, and who we would love to have join us in the class. It's kind of a constant talk between us, almost like an extension of the coaching staff to try and help recruit guys.

I think kids recruiting other kids to come play with them is really important. The coaching staff is way more important, but I think going in knowing somebody wants to play alongside them means a lot. When a commit to a school reaches out to you and says, 'hey come join me.' It's like, 'okay he thinks I can play. I want to prove him right.'

When a coach tells us about a player that we really want, we obviously trust their evaluation 100%. But you'll watch their Hudl just for fun, see what they look like just for fun. See their play-style, what it could be like if you guys played together. 

For me, as a quarterback who aspires to be a coach one day, I see myself having to recruit one day. Maybe at the collegiate level or the NFL level, if it's free agency or following the rules however they work. So this is a cool experience for me, getting to understand how recruiting works, how to go about recruiting as a coach. I've also taken points and different things from Coach O, the coaches who have recruited me, and how I've seen my dad recruit. 

I really think this will help me when I get to become a coach. 

With the dead period just getting extended, I'm still hoping to visit LSU after the dead period is lifted. Just being around the guys when they're back working again. As far as what I've got going on right now, our status is still kind of questionable whether or not we can re-start workouts and get to our summer training with PC (performance course) and stuff like that. We've been able to meet and throw, me and the receivers a few times, but our status on whether or not we're going to be able to get back to work is uncertain.   

I appreciate you guys tuning in and reading this week. Really excited to get back to you guys next time and letting you guys know what I've got going on then. Thanks. 

Geaux Tigers!

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