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Jacurri Brown Details College Commitment in His Own Words

"When I first got the offer, I thought I would never go there."

Jacurri Brown is one of the most highly-recruited junior quarterback prospects in America, collecting more than two dozen scholarship offers from programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high-profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

Welcome back aboard the Jacurri train. We're back with an action-packin', stackin', snackin' story that you can chew on. 

As you read in the last blog, I've been very busy grinding, like I said with a Viking mentality. I was competing in my childhood dream competition and got invited to the finals, and that's the Elite 11. Kudos to them, ready to go back and compete in the summertime. 

I've also had to use my mental a lot. Staying prayed up as I decide where I'm going to college. That's exciting for me, my family all together. I've pretty much come to a decision. 

This place feels like home. It's a good vibe, nationally-known, traditional school. 

One time I told myself I wasn't dating a girl until I committed to a school. At the time I was playing around, but it kind of just came true. So I've been on the market for a minute. But there comes a time in a man's life when he has to step up and make some choices and some decisions that are going to impact his future. Not for three years, four years, but a whole life situation. 

My choices came down to five schools, or five girls, however you want to put it. Arizona State, Auburn, Miami, Texas A&M and Florida. These five girls are a 10 out of 10, every one of them. Each is unique, each has what I'm looking for. I wish I can have them all but in this case, I must choose one. 

This one is unique in its own way. You can call it powerful. This one seems promising. The atmosphere that this one brings is unbearable. You can just feel it in the name...

This name carries a lot of weight. The location brings a lot of heat, A LOT of heat. It's always a good time in this area, the people are nice, the vibes are great. It's just straight football pride. 

When I first got the offer, I thought I would never go there. Just looking at it from a standpoint of me growing up it was like, 'no. Not there.' I guess you don't judge a book by its cover, because here we are LOL. Looks can be deceiving. From the outside looking in, it didn't look too good. I didn't really process it. There were a lot of new things for me there that I couldn't see or really put a tab on. 

Also, with COVID, I was going off of familiarity with coaches I knew and places I've been. Initially, they weren't even top five, to be honest I probably forgot I had the offer. 

What changed my mind is they took a different route. So I started really getting familiar with it, building up that trust and familiarity. This angle has taught me many things about myself. It's encouraged me to do better and it puts me in the right where I want to be at in life. 

I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I could have did this earlier, but I wanted to have fun with this and truly enjoy the process. 

Enough with the nick nack paddy whack rhymes, it's time to get serious. 

The girl...I mean, the college I'm choosing is...

THE CRIB. 305 BABY. 🙌🏼


I never thought I would go here, it just wasn't on my mindset. I had already been to Florida, I had been to Auburn, I had been to the Texas A&M area. I just never really got the chance to check Miami out. So I did, the weekend before this, and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. 

"Story Time"

When I landed Thursday night, and called for my Uber, I met this really good, genuine guy names Atillio.

When I got in, it was really cold and I asked him to turn on the heat and he was like, 'No, I'm polar bear.' I was like, 'what!?' and I was gonna give this man one star. But he was kidding and he turned up the heat. Then it was silent and I was like, 'can you turn on the radio?' and he was like, 'man, you need everything!' I told him I was just getting to the city and he was surprised. He said he would show me around South Beach and everything like that, but it was late, like 1:30 in the morning.

My 7-on-7 coach called and asked if we were getting food, so we pulled up to a McDonald's. But nobody was talking at the drive-thru so we pulled up to the window. We were asking what was going on and they said the manager said they weren't taking orders. Atillio was like, 'hey buddy I have to go,' so he just skrrtt off. 

When I got to the hotel, I made my walk of shame and everybody was like, 'where is the food?' I entered, shaking my head, empty-handed and said, 'Atillio had to go.' So we go downstairs, and it's like 2:00 at this time, so nothing is open. It was me, Isaiah (Bond) and Coach T Lee, and we went to a Denny's. It was cold in there, too, for some reason everything is cold down there. We had dinner and went back to the hotel and passed out. 

The next morning we had breakfast and left to meet with city officials. When I first stepped outside, it was so sunny, hot and humid. I took a breath and, like, could barely breathe. That's when I knew I was home. Here (in Georgia), it's not as sticky as that but it's true heat FOR REAL 🔥. So I like that, it's heat for real. I always said I wasn't playing in the cold. 

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So we go to Big Brothers Big Sisters and talk to the mayor of Doral, Mayor (Carlos) Bermudez, Chief Lopez and Chief Hudak from the police department. It was an inspiring get together, looking ahead to the future about taking the time to make an impact and giving back. I'm not rich but I have time. I'm young, I'm 17, and I feel when I enroll there I will have kids -- and probably some adults -- looking up to me. I mean it's Miami, it's probably the biggest marketplace ever in the Untied States. I can have that platform to change a whole generation of kids and give back, ultimately. 

Then we go to the campus, Friday afternoon. Had to change into some shorts because you know I had that casual drip at the meeting 💦. We get there and this place is amazing! Palm trees, plenty of sun, pretty girls, everything you could think of, just about, for a good college environment. Me and Isaiah met up with a member of the Que Dogs (Omega Psi Phi), before they had this funk thing on Friday night, and checked out more of the campus. 

It's just beautiful. Never thought it would look like this, but it was a wonderful feeling, walking through Lakeside, the new dorms and all. The whole vibe, just the atmosphere around it. Hopefully when I go back, COVID will be over and I can do more. There are huge pools on campus, lakes everywhere with huge fish, and iguanas! Name a place where you could walk outside and be like, 'dang there goes an iguana.' 

What really set it off was when it got dark, and the lights came on, it was a good scenery and a good atmosphere. Just good times, the perfect situation. I met up with Jake Garcia and Thomas Davis. Me and Thomas are former teammates. They stay in the new dorms, so it made me think about where I want to be and who I want to room with. I actually might room with Kaden Martin

Then we went to the funk, spent time with some people, had a good time. Talked football with the guys, how workouts are hell. I can tell because Thomas is getting more swole. Me and Jake met in football after he moved from Cali to Valdosta, which is our rival (like what a bad move!). We met when we played them, but he didn't play because he was ineligible, and that was the catch. We beat them but didn't get to settle the whole 'who's better?' thing. Our relationship is just cool, he came up through here and stopped by my house for some good vibes. 

Then on Saturday we went back to the campus to see a little bit more. My flight left at like 1:40 pm, so that was pretty much the weekend. 

Another reason why I chose Miami is because of Coach (Rhett) Lashlee. He was that different angle they took to show me that this is the place where I want to go and where I should be. Just him as a person, without the football, we connected, and it kind of just took off. His offensive mind, too, since he's dealt with some quarterbacks like me. Nick Marshall and Cam Newton at Auburn, his work shows he can get the job done with a guy like me. Both of them were from Georgia, one being a Heisman winner, both played for national titles. 

While prepping to be a Floridian I need to cop some wicks and a grill, and don't forget to use 'jit' a lot. 

With all that being said, I would like to say it again...

I'M COMMITTED TO THE U. The University of Miami. 


🚂Next stop, I'll be the best recruiter in the nation. #22ToTheU

Jacurri Brown

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