A Sad Day for College Athletes, Especially Seniors Who Just Saw Their Careers Ended by a Virus

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Pat Forde reports the naked truth—that it has been a staggering, sobering, somber week in college athletics, capped off by the announcement everyone knew was coming from the NCAA. On Thursday afternoon, 4:16 PM on March 12th, 2020, for the first time since the 1930s, there will be no NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. We're all going to miss March Madness.

Pat personally feels really badly for all the seniors out there on the basketball teams—and the rowing teams, and the softball teams, and the wrestling teams, and the indoor track teams, and the outdoor track teams. And yes, the swimmers as well who just saw their college careers ended.

There's really nobody to blame. It's just a terrible set of circumstances, but they shouldn't have to go out this way.

So if you happen to have any interaction with any college senior athletes who just had their careers ended by the coronavirus, tell them, hey, you appreciate them because it's a tough way to go out.

But this is where we stand right now in college sports and in all of sports in America—unprecedented territory, unprecedented times. Hopefully, we find our way out of it in good stead, and the beat goes on eventually in all sports. But for now, a tough day. A tough day in America.