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Taulia Tagovailoa, JT Daniels Headline Most Intriguing Quarterbacks in Transfer Portal

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SI All-American's John Garcia Jr. breaks down the quarterback play of JT Daniels and Taulia Tagovailoa and what potential landing spots they could land next season.

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Robin Lundberg: The transfer window, obviously an important tool for schools to improve their roster. And for more, I'm joined by our director of football recruiting, John Garcia. John, still some big time quarterbacks left in that transfer portal, including Taulia Tagovailoa.

John Garcia:Yeah,Taulia Tagovailoa a big time recruit coming out of the state of Alabama. Of course, his entire family moved to Alabama after Tua enrolled at university. Not necessarily the same quarterback that Tua was, but his recruitment was probably a little bit more dramatic. He was not a lock to go to Alabama, LSU, Tennessee. Several other schools, Ole Miss were in that running. So there's gonna be a lot of interest for the right handed tangle by a quarterback, just a freshman. So he's got a ton of eligibility remaining. Really strong arm. Not quite the athlete Tua maybe not the great anticipation too as yet, but his arm may be stronger at the same age. So that's certainly plenty for a lot of programs to work with. 

Taulia Tagovailoa

Robin Lundberg: Is there another QB you're focused on right now? 

John Garcia: Yeah, I think JT Daniels is really the guy when it comes to the transfer portal right now. Again, a guy with a ton of eligibility remaining. But his is really interesting because the NCAA's decision to increase immediate eligibility restrictions for guys like Daniels is really going to teeter the entire thing as to whether or not he leaves USC in the first place. 

JT Daniels

Remember, you can be in the portal, but withdraw your name if things change and the vote on May 20th. I think is going to have a big response towards JT Daniels decision. If he has to sit out the twenty twenty season, he's better off just staying at USC and competing for the job in 2021 where he'll be the favorite. But if he can play immediately, everybody in the country who needs a quarterback will give him a call. 

Robin Lundberg: John, appreciate your time and insight, as always. 

John Garcia: Thanks for having me.

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