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SI Insider: Cost-Cutting Measures Will Affect Every Collegiate Sport, Including Football

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SI senior writer Pat Forde shares the news out of the Mid-American Conference where they asked their football teams not to house their players in hotels the night before home games. This common practice throughout college football will surely be one of the first cost-cutting measures taken by individual schools.

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Last week, the Mid-American Conference passed a resolution that asked their schools not to house their football teams in hotels the night before home football games. You may not even know that that's what teams do because you figure out the hotels are only for the road games. But now a lot of teams, almost everyone, has their football teams stay in a hotel the night before a home game in order to increase their focus, eliminate distractions, and keep them under control. 

Basically, this is a common sense cost-cutting measure by the MAC, a conference that is really facing difficult economic times, and it makes all kinds of sense to do this. The funny thing is though, a lot of the coaches, according to Bruce Feldman from The Athletic, were announcing their concern about the decision. Guys, read the room. Times have never been tougher. Schools are making dramatic and radical cuts in finances all over the place in the Mid-American Conference in athletics. 

Akron just cut three sports. Bowling Green cut baseball. Not the time to be complaining about your hotels before a home game. Trust your players. They can stay in their dorms or their apartments or their houses and handle it and be OK to play a football game the next day. This is one example of college football being too big for its own britches. You have to understand the times that we are in. Everybody will have to sacrifice. And that includes King Football.