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SI Insider: Why Power 5 Conferences Won't Break Away From The NCAA

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The Power 5 Conferences in the NCAA are the ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, and Big Ten. SI's Pat Forde doesn't think they have any real reason to break off from the NCAA, and that for them to do so might even be a bad decision on their part.

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Pat Forde says: "Earlier this week, my friend Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports had an interesting column theorizing on why the Power 5 conferences may break away from the NCAA and form their own power structure. It was an interesting read, but I don't see it happening. 

There's too many things that are already going the way of the Power 5. They make by far the most money. They control a lot of the rules legislation. They have the run of everything basically: TV contracts, scheduling, all of that. Why then take on the added burden of being the police force, doing enforcement, having your own rules enforcement staff, which is a thankless job and very difficult. And one of the reasons the NCAA gets as much criticism as it does. Why take on holding and staffing championships, which the NCAA does very well? 

There's already too much going well, and it's nice to have the NCAA play around as a punching bag. Basically this way you can blame all the problems on someone else if you're the power five schools while reaping all the benefits. 

So as much as we have talked about and theorized over the years about four super conferences or a different realignment of the NCAA altogether, it works the way it is right now for the Power 5. I don't see them making a change, a radical change to do away with that and come up with a new structure any time soon."

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