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Clemson Football Gets WR Troy Stellato to Commit

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Troy Stellato, the highly sought after wide receiver from Fort Lauderdale has committed to Clemson. He joined SI All-American's John Garcia Jr. to discuss what led to his decision. 

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John Garcia Jr.: Dabo Sweeney and the Clemson Tigers pick up another elite wide receiver out of the Sunshine State. Troy. Obviously, it was a very contested decision, but in the end, how did Clemson win out? 

Troy Stellato:  I mean, I kind of fell in love with everything that they preach about Coach Sweeney and his and what he preaches and how he runs his program is just, I feel like top-notch. I feel like there wasn't really a program like it and how he runs his things and they produce great wide receivers just like a house. I mean, they both produced amazing wide receivers.

Troy Stellato: And I feel like you couldn't go wrong with each. And I guys had a gut feeling that it's kind of where I wanted to be. And I mean, I love everything about Clemson love the atmosphere. I went to work, went to a game one game. The atmosphere was great. I mean, I just loved everything about it. I definitely fell in love with the coach winning is everything he preached. Wide receiver coach, can't wait to get to work with him. I just can't wait to get started at the University Clemson.


John Garcia Jr.: See by hook you up with the balloons. They're extra here. How big was that final visit to Death Valley? How important was that visit right before covered it? Getting some time on campus there in South Carolina. How important was getting to see you just before the pandemic struck? 

Troy Stellato: That was there was also a huge factor because there was obviously the last place I visited and everything. So that was definitely big. But that visit, they really rolled out the red carpet for me. It kind of they showed me everything I want to see. Told me a lot of things I really want to hear. And I just felt like those. It felt like home. It really did. It felt like. And I want to I mean, I didn't want to be anywhere else. It's love that they just have fun there. It's different from the different programs than the rest. I feel like and I really want to be a part of it. And I really want to help them win national championships in the near future. So I really think I can do that. And I think this is a perfect fit for the receiver position. I think I can help them play outside or inside wherever they want me to play out. I'll play it. They're going to get a player who's going to work their tail off. I'm going to give it all I got. And I know I can make a huge impact and they can make it early too.