SI Insider: NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee Could Have Players Practicing by Mid-July If COVID-19 Is in Check

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The NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee is moving forward with plans that could have players around the country taking the practice field in mid-July. However, with a spike in coronavirus cases in some of the larger states, people are wondering if that outlook is still too optimistic. SI's Pat Forde shares more on college football gearing up in mid-July.

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Pat Forde: My colleague Ross Dellenger reported this week that the Division I Football Oversight Committee is going ahead with plans that could put players in practice as early as mid-July. So plans are continuing to quicken to get to a football season. But at the same time, we are seeing some spikes in coronavirus case numbers across the country. As many as 14 states have just posted their seven day average high for the entire pandemic this past week. And that includes the three most populous states: Florida, California, Texas, places, obviously, that play a lot of football. So this may or may not impact where college football goes, but it's certainly something university presidents will be keeping an eye on; and also athletic directors as well - because if there's going to be a spike in cases, will there be a corresponding spike in hospitalizations and serious consequences? Those are the stakes that they'll be looking at here as plans continue to firm up to get football actually being played on campus. So a lot of moving parts still. It's early June, check back in early July when we have a better idea where we stand on the football calendar.