Which TSN curling crew?

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One of our favourite Canadian sport Tweeters is Peter James, who works for Canwest News. He keeps his eyes on The Roaring Game, so it's only natural that he is one of our faves.


Some of his Tweet Peeps recently suggested that the TSN curling "morning draw" twosome of Brian Mudryk and Russ Howard are now the preferred commentators, over the old faithful threesome of Vic Rauter, Ray Turnbull and Linda Moore (seen in this Anil Mungal photo at left, along with stat/font wizard Dino Bavaro).

This was a most unscientific "poll", as the numbers came in at four for the AM crew and one for the Old Faithfuls.

Then again, when a completely unscientific poll from the Moncton Worlds (conducted in two parts, here and here and with the results revealed here) is quoted as law by a British newspaper (!?) then who is to say that a quick Twitter query isn't a semi-accurate gauge of the public's feelings?

Certainly not us.

So we throw the question(s) open to you. Mudryk/Howard (who are on the air at 10:30am ET this morning for their last STOH draw) or the Old Faithfuls? Whom do you prefer... and most importantly, why?

Are the new guys a breath of fresh air? Is the threesome just like your favourite warm blanket?

Has Howard ramped up his monotone delivery? Has Linda dropped the overuse of statistics? Do you agree/disagree? Do you care?

Are the Old Faithfuls tired, and showing it? Are they simply weary of this error-prone Scotties event, and waiting eagerly for the Olympic Games? How did they do at the Trials, the Juniors, the Skins? How did they do last season?

We wanna know. So let's hear it. While you wait for the next installment of What is this? ... coming later today ...

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