Embrace the potato: Steak fries are the best

Why steak fries are the best kind of french fry. 
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Steak fries are the closest you’ll get to simply eating a transformed potato, and that’s their inherent beauty. You get the classic frite crispiness, along with a fluffy, decadent baked potato inside.

I will acknowledge that some steak fries can lack the crunch of other smaller (and inferior) fries, but just deep fry these twice and you get the perfect fry. And there’s even versatility among the steak fry community. Want it to be more wedge-like? Go for it. Skin peeled or not? Your prerogative.

There’s a reason the Brits usually deploy thick-cut fries for their famous fish and chips. They’re just better. And have you ever seen poutine made with shoestring or curly fries? No. (I’m sure some animal out there makes their poutine like this … please stop.)

Steak fries, with all of their surface area, have a texture and body to them that makes dipping a glorious experience. And eating a whole bunch of them is simply a heartier, more fulfilling experience.

Essentially, I’m not sure why steak fries get so much hate. Get some good dipping sauces, try to forget the fast food industry’s “thin-cut fry” propaganda and enjoy a true potato experience.