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The Insider's Guide To College Football Tailgating

Sailgating! Buckeye eating! War Eagle-ing! Tailgating diehards from college football's top schools hand out specific tips and guides for how to best enjoy tailgating at their respective schools this fall.

Hoping to explore a new tailgate this fall? Whether you're heading south to see the defending champs at Clemson, braving the cold to see the Buckeyes or Wolverines, or going west-bound to see Sam Darnold at USC, one thing's for certain: the tailgates will not be boring.

But they can be overwhelming. Where to park? What to see? When to arrive? To address those lingering questions ahead of the season, we reached out to students and alumni across many of SI's Top 25 schools to get their advice on the best ways to enjoy a tailgate at the home of their respective teams. 

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