The Ultimate Cheese Bracket: Picking the Greatest Cheese of All

Perhaps the most crucial question ever asked: What's the best kind of cheese? We seeded the top 16 and squared them off against each other, the final results are below.
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In our humble opinion, every week is cheese week, but why not make it official? As part of our new Best Of food series, we're creating food brackets and asking our readers to vote in every round, ultimately naming a champion. And we're starting with arguably the GOAT of foods: Cheese.

Well, we have ourselves a winner. Sixteen cheeses, four rounds and one strange and confusing run from Pepper Jack and one incredibly close, Gus Johnson-worthy title game between No. 1 Mozzarella and No. 2 Cheddar and our GOAT of cheeses has been declared. Despite being deadlocked at 50-50 for hours, the advanced stats of Playbuzz have told us that the winner, in a 55%-45% nail biter, was...



Cut the nets, cheddar fans. We'll see you next tournament. In the meantime, you can relive all the results from the other rounds below (we didn't make a One Shining Moment video, but you can imagine it set to still images of cheese if you wish).:  

Round 2:

Results from Round 1: