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What's The Best Halloween Candy of All? We Made Another Bracket

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Snickers? Starbust? The latest installment of our 'The Best Of' food series may be the toughest yet: Picking the ultimate Halloween candy. We've narrowed it to sixteen choices. Vote below:
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We've made brackets to decide the champion of cheese and barbecue so far, and now, in the final week of October, the natural next step in our 'Best Of' food series is Halloween candy. To make this crucial choice, we're again putting it back in the hands of the people. 

Well, when it came down to it, the loaded question of "What's the best Halloween candy" apparently wasn't that hard to decipher. In the end, No. 1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups was a true juggernaut, destroying every candy competitor it crossed paths with in dominant fashion. It didn't lose a matchup by more than 75-25. Its masterful run will be remembered forever. Maybe next year, Kit Kat. 

The results to every round are below: 

Final Four results:

Round 2 Results: 

Relive Round 1, which the selection committee narrowed down to 16 types of candy to keep it consistent with the structure of previous brackets, below: 

Check back tomorrow for the Final Four.