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Battle of the BBQ: Which Smoked Meat is Best of All?

We seeded, you voted: Brisket is the champion of the Barbecue Battle.

We're all in need of a little bit of a distraction right now. So, after our 'Best Of' week began last weekend with our Cheese Bracket (still can't believe No. 1 Mozzarella went down to Cheddar), we're moving onto something our national College Football writer is very familiar with: Barbecue. We turned to Andy Staples to provide us with the top 16 seeds, and, as with the cheese, you'll vote on the best below. We'll move on with each new round throughout the week, until the BBQ Champion is revealed on Friday. 

We have ourselves a winner! (And it's, shockingly, not tofu.) In yet another title game where the No. 2 seed prevailed over No. 1, it's Brisket that has knocked off No. 1 Pork Spare Ribs to join cheddar as a champion of its food group. 


Relive its road to glory through four rounds here:

Final Four results:

Round 2 Results: 

Look back on the results for Round 1 here: 

Enjoy some brisket tonight, and check back for more Best Of polls in the near future.