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By SI Wire
April 29, 2015

At 1,356 feet tall, Dubai's Princess Tower stretches more than a quarter-mile into the desert sky, making it the ultimate thrill for BASE jumpers.

Recently, the thill-seekers combined for 558 jumps from the building's roof, giving them stunning views of the city below. 

Construction on the tower began in 2006 and it finally opened in 2012. It's the world's tallest residential building, with 763 living units and a six-floor underground parking garage. 

The Princess Tower is the second-tallest building in Dubai behind the 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa. BASE jumpers have taken off from the Burj Khalifa in the past, but these jumpers had to settle for the puny Princess Tower.


Imagine seeing these guys hurtle past your apartment window.

• Skydiver's GoPro falls off his head, found by curious bystanders​

Jack Jorgensen

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