Here's your chance to ride in an IndyCar® 2-seater—driven by a legend such as Mario Andretti—at next year's Indy 500 or one of 12 incredible races this season.

May 22, 2015

With the Indy 500 commanding the spotlight during this time each year, racing legend Mario Andretti, who still stands as the only driver to accomplish the trifecta of winning the Daytona 500, Indy 500, and Formula One World Championship, always seems to be front and center. Now, 22 years after retiring, Andretti is still basking in life after racing. As SI's Andrew Lawrence detailed in a recent profile of the racing legend's entrepreneurial ventures, business is booming.

From TV and feature film appearances to a petroleum company and investments in the wine industry, Andretti is staying as competitive as ever. One thing he cannot give up, however, is the feeling of winding around a track at full speeds in an IndyCar. So the racing star turned entrepreneur has partnered up with Honda to give fans the opportunity to take that ride along with him in a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the track. Here are a few of last year's winners:

Every racing fan dreams of the opportunity, so here's your chance to ride in an IndyCar® 2-seater at next year's Indy 500 or one of 12 incredible races during this season. 

Enter for your opportunity to sit in the "Fastest Seat in Sports" at

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