By Neil Janowitz
April 05, 2013

In an attempt to conquer the wild west that is daytime television programming, the Hallmark Channel—The Heart of TV—created "Who Let The Dogs Out," a sort of Anthony Bourdain-meets-Reddit-meets-stay-at-home-moms medley in which Tillman "The Fastest* Skateboarding Dog" buses around the country to visit different people, places and dogs. On today's episode, which airs at 1pm ET, he and Norman "The Scooter Dog" swing through New Orleans during Super Bowl XVII and meet with the one person you'd expect: Bill Romanowski.

[si_cvp_video id="video_21D7E5F0-36A4-8C93-1204-DAA9E10AAEF3"]

Now, video editors are a lawless bunch, so there's a good chance that Romanowski's quote of "Tillman is the best skateboarding dog on the planet. That inspires me" isn't quite verbatim. But the excitement he displays while using some video utility named "Vumanity" to send Randy Moss (himself an early adopter) a good-luck note? Pure Romo.

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