By Jimmy Traina
April 05, 2013

The Other Kind Of Super Bowl Sunday

WrestleMania press conference WrestleMania press conference :: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

With WrestleMania 29 taking place this Sunday, has put together this very compelling video that explains how the WWE basically invented modern sports. Meanwhile, ranks the 50 best wrestling entrances of all time.

What An Aprhodisac

From Friday's Angels-Rangers game: Man catches foul ball, attractive blonde can't keep her hands off him.

First The Players, Now The Gloves

The Marlins get rid of everything.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ruvi Bazaz Ruvi Bazaz :: Courtesy Christian Arias

East Indian model Ruvi Bazaz gets today's LLOD honors.

Nasty Injury Of The Day

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Zach Redmond is sporting quite the scar these days.

At Least He Was Honest

Cornerback Aaron Ross said today that playing for the Jaguars last season was  "a paid vacation to Florida."

For My Fellow New Yorkers

If you've ever listened to WFAN for even one minute, you absolutely must click this link and listen to the infamous "Sour Shoes" do a slew of imitations.

Educational Video Of The Day

Apparently, coffee art is a thing.

Fake Websites Video Of The Day

This compilation of all those phony websites that you've seen on your favorite TV shows is pretty amusing.

Mad Men Video Of The Day

We celebrate the show's return this Sunday with the best one-liners from Roger Sterling.

The Weekend Playlist

Click any of the song links to listen, or you can just subscribe to the Hot Clicks Nation playlist on Spotify. Every Friday the playlist will automatically change to that week’s selections, so the new music will come to you. Let me (Tom Mantzouranis) know on Twitter what you like and do not. (Warning: NSFW language in some songs.)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Sacrilege"

TNGHT, "Gooooo"

Schoolboy Q, "Hands On The Wheel"

NOFX, "She's Gone"

Girls, "Alex"

The Cure, "Catch"

Poolside, "Harvest Moon"

Robyn, "Call Your Girlfriend"

MF Doom, "Deep Fried Frenz"

"Academy Fight Song"

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