By Jimmy Traina
April 10, 2013

That's How You Handle A Bad Situation

Denard Robinson Denard Robinson :: Leon Halip/Getty Images

After his first pitch debacle on Tuesday, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson joked about his feeble attempt on Twitter today.

True Heroes

A group of Nationals fans are trying to get Washington fans to never, ever do the wave again.

I Guess "Lemieux" Or "Crosby" Just Didn't Appeal To Him

While the wave should go away from stadiums, one thing that shouldn't is ridiculous jerseys. We need to make fun of people like this Penguins fan, while admiring the fact that they just dno't give a damn about embarrassing themselves.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

U.K. supermodel Lucy Pinder (who is on Twitter and has her own site) was kind enough to provide the pictures above for you, Hot Clicks Nation, so she is today's LLOD.

Nasty Injury Of The Day

Triple H suffered second-degree burns at WrestleMania 29 on Sunday. The injury wasn't part of the script and didn't take place in the ring. It took place during his entrance when he got hit by dry ice.

Sports Video Of The Day

In a new Giants commercial airing in San Francisco, several players recreate scenes from Animal House. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the spot and the film. (Thanks to Jeff Whitelaw, Rocklin, Calif., for the tip.)

Prank Video Of The Day

Cruel, yet clever.

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