By Neil Janowitz
April 10, 2013


Some day the Internet may get tired of cats. Today will not be that day.

A group of shadowy geniuses (or perhaps a lone photo-manipulator?) recently launched a Tumblr entitled "Sport Balls Replaced With Cats". On it you'll find a growing number of Photoshopped images featuring athletes holding, dodging, rebounding and otherwise interacting with cats. That's all you'll find on it*. That's all you need to find on it.


The current mix is heavy on soccer and rugby, with a few pleasing cameos by Chris Bosh, Terrence Ross, some handball player (top) and Maria Sharapova. (One imagines that it won't be long before baseball, what with all those balls being thrown, hit and caught, receives the cat-swap treatment.) You can check out the full run at the SBRWC Tumblr or on their Facebook page. You can bet on when the Astros will try this as a mid-summer promotion** on a site I'm not actually going to create.

*The site also has a nice logo.

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