By Jimmy Traina
April 10, 2013

When Sh*t Talking Goes Bad

Tyler Flowers Tyler Flowers :: Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Sad news here. White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers made great use of Twitter yesterday by sending the following tweet about his teammate: "Adam Dunn just clogged the toilet in the clubhouse...this happens at least twice a week." We wanted to check Flowers' page for more behind-the-scenes gems like this, but sadly discovered his page has now been deleted. I have to assume Chicago's PR staff made him pull the plug, which is a damn shame.

Speaking Of Twitter...

Chargers safety Darrell Stuckey may have tweeted the best baby picture an athlete has ever tweeted of their child.

This Is Bizarre, Even For Him

Metta World Peace said last night that he quickly returned to action from knee surgery because he was too sexy for his cat.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale :: Maxim

Ashley Tisdale is in the new Maxim. On a side note, I had no idea she was 27 years old and my mind is blown. ... Model Maggi Caruthers has some new photos out. ... Colin, of Kansas City, says, "I'm not sure if you've ever featured her before, but may I suggest Carla Ossa?  If you have, she is worth repeating. If not, then shame on you!" Here you go, Colin.

Jersey Boys

The NFL player who set the single-season record for most jerseys sold last year was this quarterback. Meanwhile, in the NBA, these 15 players have sold the most jerseys this season.

This Actually Would Be A Legit Use Of Obama's Time

Marlins fans have petitioned the White House to remove Jeffrey Loria as owner of the team.  (Thanks to Matthew, of Marietta, Ga., for the tip.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Here is your Taiwanese animation recap of the NCAA tournament title game.

Dog Video Of The Day

Great save.

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