By Jimmy Traina
April 11, 2013

Hot Clicks Loves A Good Sign

LeBron James fan LeBron James fan :: AP

Personally, I have zero problem with any NBA coach resting his players if that's what he thinks is best for his team. However, as you can see above, the fan in Washington who wanted to see LeBron James play  last night disagrees. Of course, it doesn't help LeBron's case about being "injured" when he sent out this tweet today.

You Kiss Lindsay Vonn With That Mouth?

The Masters kicked off today. That means 1) fans will be focused on Augusta as long as Tiger Woods is in contention and 2) every member of the media is praying they can write or spout their "Tiger Is Back" story on Sunday. Therefore, the recovering sex addict should know that when he drops an f-bomb, the microphones will pick it up.

Please Let This Be The Start Of A Trend

Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth is using the Game of Thrones theme song as his at-bat music. Hopefully other big leaguers take lesson from Werth and start using more TV theme songs for their walk-up music.  There is MAJOR potential here.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Sandra Vergara Sandra Vergara ::

Hot Clicks has featured Sofia Vergara a million times -- and rightfully so. Today, we give LLOD honors to Sofia's sister, Sandra Vergara, who you can see on and on the Me In My Place app.

Worst Giveaway Ever

Yes, I'm biased because A.J. Burnett used to be on the Yankees and he was a trainwreck. But honestly, what Pirate fan would wear this shirt in public?

Good Thing He Didn't Sign With Dallas

Danny Amendola's parents are suing the Cowboys over a golf cart accident.

Driving Video Of The Day

He must have had one hell of a Driver's ed teacher to drive so well at his age.

Movie Trailer Of The Day

Just released today, the Hangover Part III.

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