By Jimmy Traina
April 11, 2013

At Least He Didn't Put It In The Mail

Goat :: AP Goat :: AP

A man drove up to Wrigley Field yesterday afternoon, handed a security guard a package for Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, got back in his car and drove away. Police are now looking for that guy because in the package was a goat's head.

That's Still Too Many Fans In The Ballpark

Marlins fans have responded to being treated like crap by owner Jeffrey Loria in the best way possible: Not showing up to the stadium they were forced to pay for. The pictures from last night are amazing. We can only imagine what it'll be like in September when they're 80 games out of first place.

Vintage Vin

Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully had a great riff about Twitter, hashtags and TV shows last night.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Kate Upton Kate Upton :: Derek Kettela/Getty Images

Braden Carlson, of Madison, Wis., says, "Hey, Jimmy, word on the street is Kate Upton is no longer dating Justin Verlander. Even more interesting is that rumor has it she is dating Diddy! I assume this is not true as I think you would have kept Hot Clicks nation updated on this important news. So any truth or insight into all this?" Diddy and Upton both took to Twitter yesterday to debunk the story. Also, this seems like a good reason to feature Kate. ... Macrielena Velez Sanchez should be one of the top models in the world based on this gallery. ... Paulina Gretzky is spicing up the Masters.

Peyton The Prankster

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning tried to make teammate Eric Decker think he had to pay to workout at Duke last week. Manning, leaving no stone unturned, even had an official-looking invoice sent to Decker.

They're Not Just Incompetent On The Field

Last night's White Sox-Nationals game was delayed because the umps were late.

Sports Video Of The Day

You won't see a more intense beer chug after a catching a foul ball in your cup than this one.

[mlbvideo id="26190825" width="600" height="360" /]

Movies Video Of The Day

If you've seen one Rom-Com, you've seen them all.

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