By Bryan Armen Graham
April 12, 2013

What child of the '80s doesn't look back fondly on the Where's Waldo? books, those children's volumes by Martin Handford that challenged readers to find our peripatetic, bespectacled hero in the striped shirt from a crowded landscape. Again and again. Page after page. Hopefully long enough to shut you up for the whole trip.

Waldo was the post-epiphany Jules Winnfield of his time: walking the earth, from place to place, meeting people, getting in adventures. He wasn't a bum; he was just Waldo, no more, no less. (Or Wally in the U.K., Holger in Denmark, Charlie in France, Uolli in Russia; you get the idea.)

There was Where's Waldo?, Where's Waldo Now?, The Great Waldo Search -- and apparently four others that came out after I outgrew them. There was also an NES game and a TV show. Even a cameo in a Super Bowl commercial last year. (Seriously!) A Where's Waldo? movie is tentatively slated for 2015.

Given Waldo's deceptively constant presence in our lives, it should come as no surprise that he'd get his own Tumblr. "Waldo At The Masters" challenges desk jockeys to find cleverly Photoshopped images of Waldo in the gallery at Augusta National. Can you spot him?

check out the whole bunch here

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