By Neil Janowitz
April 16, 2013

In his 1987 profile of Pat Summerall, SI's William Taaffe described the veteran sportscaster's voice, in both the literal and intangible senses, as "familiar, economical and soothing." That was just 25 years into Summerall's nearly 50-year broadcasting career, one that spanned football, basketball, golf and tennis. As the world mourns the passing of Summerall, who died today at 82 years old, it's best to eschew a moment of silence in favor of a few moments of sound: that familiar voice, economical to the last, at a time when a bit of soothing could help. RIP.


"Kansas City Has Dominated the First Half."


"Pass is caught by Owens ... Owens made the catch."


"You and Jack Buck Sound Too Much Alike."


"When the grandkids start missing you, that's the time to start thinking about other things."

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