By Paul Pabst
April 24, 2013

Tom DiPace Tom DiPace

Yesterday I posted a definitive and indisputable list of the all-time best movie quarterbacks. Today, we hear from a man who would love to hit some of them: Texans DE and reigning Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt.

Which QB would you get the biggest thrill out of sacking?

The guy from Dallas Carter High in the Friday Night Lights movie. I’d hit him so hard, it’d knock the sucker right out of his coach’s mouth. Go, MOJO!

Are there any who’d give you a hard time?

None. I can tell you who I wouldn’t have trouble with: the Georgia Tech QB in Rudy. He seemed to go down pretty easy.

Which fictional team would you want to play for?

Remember the Titans? Julius Campbell and I would’ve made a mean one-two punch.


You need a female co-star—who’s it going to be?

Jennifer Aniston. Franchise pick.

Know anyone else who’d make a good Hollywood player?

Two of my Texans teammates: [Tackle] Shaun Cody (below left) has movies written all over him, and I could see [center] Ben Jones being on Duck Dynasty.

George Bridges/MCT/ABACAUSA.COM  //  Joe Robbins/Getty Images George Bridges/MCT/ABACAUSA.COM // Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Pick an agent: Jerry Maguire or Bob Sugar.

Sugar was shady. Jerry was all off-field drama. I’ll stick with mine.

And this being Hollywood, you need a catch phrase. . . .

Boom goes the dynamite!

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