By Ryan Glasspiegel
April 24, 2013

Tyrann Mathieu has posted a flyer on Instagram for an NFL Draft after-party tomorrow night at SL, a nightclub in New York.

Honey Badger 1

Unless the graphic designer has reliable NFL front office contacts, this could be a pretty solemn affair: the poster refers to Mathieu as a "1st Round Draft Pick", which is ... generous. Most draft analysts project him to be taken in the second or third round; in a recent mock draft, Mel Kiper Jr. had him going 59th overall to New England. So sure, if "1st Round" refers to the first round of the second day of the draft, Mathieu might be a first round pick. But not even that is certain.

Then there's the matter of the high ranking of "hosting a party at a club in New York" on the big board of "bad ideas for Tyrann Mathieu". This is a guy who estimated that he failed over 10 drug tests at LSU and ended up being dismissed from his team. In the immortal words of Instagram user @junnyb_johnson, who commented on Mathieu's post:

"Yo ima fan dog, and I dont know you. But what impression you think your making on Teams that are scared of you sighting lack of maturity, throwing an afterparty in NY like nothing possibly could happen. You gotta use better logic bro, no hate."

He's not mad at you, Mathieu. He's just disappointed.

(h/t Ashley Burns)

Update: Mathieu tweets that he did not approve the "1st round" part of the flyer that was posted on his own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Update II: There will be no party

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