By Jimmy Traina
June 06, 2013

The Hot Clicks Q&A

Cam Newton Cam Newton :: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

First, some full disclosure, even though it makes me look like a dope. I interviewed Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a few weeks ago and he was extremely nice. I thought the Q&A was very entertaining. However, when I went to transcribe the conversation, I only heard my hideous voice on the tape. Yes, I set up the recorder incorrectly. However, Newton was nice enough to answer a few light-hearted questions via e-mail. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

Newton: Oprah Winfrey. Song you'd sing at karaoke?

Newton: "You are the Sunshine of my Life" by Steve Wonder. Song on your iPod you’re ashamed of.

Newton: "Lion King" theme song ("Circle of Life"). Best boy band of all time?

Newton: Boyz II Men. TV shows you DVR?

Newton: "Duck Dynasty." Favorite TV character of all time?

Newton: Martin. Movie you've seen the most?

Newton: "Coming to America." Fashion tip for men?

Newton: Stay neat, wear ties even with casual look. Looking sharp impresses those who matter most. Fashion don't for men?

Newton: I don't necessarily believe in dont's. If you have confidence in your vision, anything is possible. First few websites you check after logging onto the Internet?

Newton:,,,, Biggest pet peeves?

Newton: People who say they will do something but don’t follow through. Most annoying question reporters ask you?

Newton: Any leading question where it is clear they already have their own answer in mind. Game day superstitions?

Newton: No superstitions, but I do make a new playlist for every game. Do you have any fears/phobias?

Newton: Not that I am aware of. If you could trade places with one athlete, who would it be?

Newton: I wouldn’t trade with anyone, but I do have an enormous amount of respect for LeBron James. Funniest athlete you know?

Newton: Panthers offensive lineman Jordan Gross. Best perk of being an athlete?

Newton: Being able to make a positive difference in other people's lives. Secret Passion?

Newton: I love taking photos. I use my Windows Phone to take photos of my daily activities and just about every place that I visit.

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Here are childhood photos of Spurs and Heat players. ...  LeBron James is NOT a Spurs guard. ... Get familiar with the WAGs of the NBA Finals.

Matching Tattoos Of The Day

A couple of Sharks fans now have large L.A. Kings tattoos after losing a Western Conference semifinals bet.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Anna Cariad Anna Cariad :: Picdesk

Welsh model Anna Cariad is today's LLOD.

Random Links

The Raptors might not be the Raptors much longer. ... A marathon runner from Minnesota recently gave birth after having no idea she was pregnant while training. My colleague, and fellow Mad Men fan, Mallory Rubin, had the best reaction to this news. ... You are not allowed to wear brown paper bags to Angels games.

Bacon Video Of The Day

Very solid commercial by Oscar Mayer.

Brian Williams Video Of The Day

Who knew the NBC News anchor was such a big Snoop fan? (Thanks to Simon Kabariti, of Brooklyn, N.Y., for the video.)

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