By Extra Mustard
June 13, 2013

kelsey-600 Matthew Visinsky/Yeung Photography

Hometown: Garwood, Tex.

College: Texas Tech University (sophomore)

Major: Marketing

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My friends would be surprised to know that I: Love to hunt both deer and hog. I’ve been hunting since I was seven years old!

Person I’d like to have dinner with (living or dead): Wiz Khalifa because he seems very entertaining, Carrie Underwood because she is perfect and my idol, and Blake Shelton because I love everything about him.

If I had to watch one movie or TV show over and over, it would be: Lost! Literally the best thing to ever be created.

The top three items on my bucket list: To visit Paris, go to Tomorrowland in Belgium, and climb Mt. Everest with my Grandad

My celebrity crush: Kellan Lutz because he is beautiful.

If you looked at the “most played” songs on my iPod, you’d see a lot of: Country music. I’ve listened to “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band over 2,000 times.

My one guilty pleasure: Food. I probably can eat more than any of the ginormous football players on a good day.

My worst habit: Obsessively popping my back.

The talent I’d most like to have: To be able to jump rope with my arms.

My favorite professional team: The Texans, because I am from the Houston area and they rock.

The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me during a game: I sprained my ankle just by jumping my feet apart while practicing a routine, not even actually performing it. I’m prone to injuries.

My favorite websites/blogs: StumbleUpon, Youtube, Twitter, and of course, Pinterest.

My favorite app: Instragram. It’s super entertaining 24/7 and definitely gets me through any boring situation.

My favorite people to follow on Twitter: Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton because they are the funniest people on earth.

The coolest person that follows me on Twitter: No one cool follows me…Except Raider Red!!

I’d want my last meal to be: 

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