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Watch LeBron James Almost Get His Head Destroyed By A Bridge

Sometimes you don't think about logistical nightmares until they are staring you in the face. The same can be said for low bridges. That was made abundantly clear earlier today, when we all learned that the streets of Miami were not built for giant open-top buses filled with 6"11 basketball players.


What we have here is a map of the route that the Miami Heat's celebratory caravan followed during its championship parade this morning. Because there's a map, anyone familiar with Miami—say a parade organizer—could have taken a look and said, "Oh, this route goes under some bridges. They're high in the way that elevated urban roadways are high, but not so high that LeBron James, who will be standing atop a sky-scraping bus, won't have to repeatedly duck to avoid splattering his brain matter all over the concrete." As this video indicates, that observation never happened. (That a brain splattering didn't result was surely a disappointment to some South Florida citizens.)

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You've won three NBA titles now, Miami. Please think a little bit when planning your celebrations.